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Moon should offer the U.S. $2.5 Trillion

President Moon should take the initiative and make an offer President Trump can’t refuse. He should offer not $5 billion but $2.5 trillion. In exchange, President Moon would ask the U.S. to agree to a New Comprehensive Peace Regime.

Compost me on the trails

Washington became the first state to legalize the composting of human remains (May 22, 2019, CNN). In "human composting," the body remains are mixed with...

Clouds Rest Trail & Peak #2

DateMonday, November 18, 2019WeatherClear, sunnyOne-way / two-way7.4 / 14.8 milesTrailhead elevation8,150 ftSummit elevation9,926 ftPeak class / Difficulty1 / ModerateTypeUrban-NPPeople (groups)Approx. 10AnimalsBirds, esp. crowStart time7:00...

Koreans don’t get it either

Koreans balk at spending $5 billion to house US troops, but don't seem to get the potential for a nuclear war with North Korea, the factors which contribute to the un-ended Perpetual Korean War, or falling ever deeper into a US led alliance against its close neighbor, China.

Sawtooth Peak – AMS

Going beyond the trail Staying on the trail is the safest thing to do. You minimize the risk of getting lost or falling down. It's...

Hiking Report: Mt. Zion Loop 2/9/2019

Introduction Take care of the land. Someday, you'll be part of it. This sign, posted without attribution, made an impression on me since I first began...

Hiking Report: Baldy Ski Hut Trail with Alex 2019/1/26

I usually hike alone for the ease and simplicity of scheduling and the chance to be more intimate with nature. Still, I do occasionally...

How North Korea can Overcome the Current Impass

Since the Singapore Summit, US officials have consistently suggested that the Sentosa Agreement was all about North Korea agreeing to denuclearize unilaterally and that...

Good Luck Lanterns at Naejangsa Temple

Patrons pay to have their names hanging alongside the beautiful lanterns. Each paper lists the names of family members, their domicile, and a prayer....

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General...

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