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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Moon should offer the U.S. $2.5 Trillion

President Moon should take the initiative and make an offer President Trump can’t refuse. He should offer not $5 billion but $2.5 trillion. In exchange, President Moon would ask the U.S. to agree to a New Comprehensive Peace Regime.

Should President Moon Meet the Warmbiers?

Many anti-North Korea human rights activists criticize President Moon Jae-in for not meeting the parents of Otto Warmbier, a 22 year old university student,...

Koreans don’t get it either

Koreans balk at spending $5 billion to house US troops, but don't seem to get the potential for a nuclear war with North Korea, the factors which contribute to the un-ended Perpetual Korean War, or falling ever deeper into a US led alliance against its close neighbor, China.

Did the Democrats Sabotage Trump?

Here is an interesting coincidence. It is widely known that the US Democratic Party is against most things the US Republican President Donald Trump...

Choi Son Hui’s Remarks on the Failed Summit

In an unprecedented press briefing held February 28th (Hanoi time), North Korean special nuclear negotiator and Vice-Foreign Minister Choi Son Hui (beginning at minute...

National Treasure, National Tragedy

Joshua Tree NP in the news during and after the 2019 government shutdown. There are reports of trees being cut, new roads being made,...

How North Korea can Overcome the Current Impass

Since the Singapore Summit, US officials have consistently suggested that the Sentosa Agreement was all about North Korea agreeing to denuclearize unilaterally and that...

Yang Bin Resurfaces Promoting Sinuiju SEZ After 16 Years

It was not that Kim Jong Il was uninterested in economic reforms or liberalization, but that given the security nexus surrounding DPRK, he couldn't. Whereas...

Defector Makes a Living Diving the NLL

In this documentary video Old Marine Boy: Diving on the Border With North Korea by Jin Mo-Young and presented by Al Jazeera (October 17, 2018),...

Poor international track record

In "One big reason North Korea is not too eager to denuclearise" (Al Jazeera, October 13, 2018), Alexander Gillespie, a professor of international law at...

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