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Monthly Archives: September, 2017

Should South Korea go for nukes? Big no

In this post, there are three versions of the same paper. What follows is the Abridged Korea Times Version that was published in the...

US North Korea Policy, The Next Phase

While the labels to describe U.S. North Korea policy change between administrations, U.S.-North Korea dynamics have remained remarkably unchanged. With a nuclear armed North Korea, it won't. The reason lies in the US-ROK Alliance.

NPT’s Failure, Our Failure With NK

The threat of mutually assured destruction (MAD) has worked between the superpowers and kept peace throughout the Cold War. But whether it happens or...

Peace Treaty, a Prelude to Invasion?

Anyway, in the end, the myth that a peace treaty invites a replay of 1950 or South Vietnam 1973 quickly loses validity. Militarily and economically, it is impossible for the DPRK to attempt unification by force and survive.

Latest news

100 Years From Now…

"A 100 years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in,...

COVID-19 Evictions Relief

Shortly after announcing the mortgage relief order, the California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order for eviction relief for residential tenants.

COVID-19 Mortgage Relief

What is it? Governor Gavin Newsom announced a deal (Business Insider, 3/25/2020) with the major banks on a 90-day...

Moon should offer the U.S. $2.5 Trillion

President Moon should take the initiative and make an offer President Trump can’t refuse. He should offer not $5 billion but $2.5 trillion. In exchange, President Moon would ask the U.S. to agree to a New Comprehensive Peace Regime.

Compost me on the trails

Washington became the first state to legalize the composting of human remains (May 22, 2019, CNN). In "human composting," the body remains are...
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